04.00.13-Decided to begin adoption research

05.01.13– Decided to pursue the adoption process.

05.00.13-Selected country, agency, and home study social worker

07.22.13– Mailed Agency Application (approved)

11.17.13– Applied for Medical Financial Sharing Group

11.20.13– Home Study scheduled

11.23.13– Home Study

11.27.13– Fingerprinting and Background checks started

02.13.14– Home Study Completed!!

07.01.14– Officially signed with new agency for a new country.

08.16.14– Home Study Update #1

1203.14– Begin compiling Dossier paperwork

12.12.14– Submission of 1st Dossier forms

01.08.15– USCIS started processing our application

01.29.15– Fingerprinting for FBI (3rd set of fingerprinting)

02.01.15– USCIS application Approved!

03.25.15-Dossier completed & submitted

12.2.15-Dossier Approved & Referral offered

12.5.15-Home Study Update #2

12.7.15-Accepted Referral







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