Fundraising Progress

As many who have traveled the path of adoption or at least researched it know that funding is a huge part of that path. Without it, it’s impossible to move forward. Once this part of the adventure is complete, we will have a comprehensive list of ways that we’ve raised our funds in hopes to help other adoptive families bring their little ones home. Many adoption blogs include one of those thermometer image that rises along the way. I’ve never understood the correlation between fundraising and thermometers. So, I figured if a random image was going to be used I might as well use one that I liked- and this one even has a better meaning  🙂 . The past week or so we’ve been putting all the random cash we come across in an old giant glass pickle jar. We opened a special savings account today and put all that money in it so it was a little safer, so I figured we could have a virtual glass jar that we can collect our funds in. It will be updated as things are paid instead of raised. So here’s my custom, manually updated, progress marker.

Jar_Progress.jpgWhile all of our fundraisers involve selling a product or service instead of asking for donations, we understand that sometimes that’s all someone would like to do. Below is a link to donate to our Pay Pal account. The other link is to the Etsy shop we have up and running.

Donate           Etsy Shop           YouCaring.Com

Check out some of our fundraising endeavors!

To donate directly to our agency as a tax deduction, you may send a check with our names in the memo line to

Faith International Adoptions
1105 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA 98402


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