A Day of Acquaintence


You always think about the first day of meeting a child being the first day that they are their own person on this earth. The day they are born. The day that their longs fill with enough air to let everyone know that they’re alive. If adding a child to your little family becomes real to you before that day, meeting your child could happen at a sonogram appointment. It’s really more like becoming acquainted with them before you actually get to meet them. They may look a little (or a lot) different by the time that you actually get to meet face to face, but you know who they are and a little about how they are with each appointment giving another glimpse of the full picture of their being. Before everyone starts thinking about the last time you say us, no, we did not travel- no tickets have been bought, BUT we had the opportunity to Skype with our little guy and the orphanage director this weekend. In paper pregnancy terms, this was our first sonogram where we can say our kid did something funny that’s foreshadowing his little personality. You guys, I would have been more calm in preparation to meet the President.

*the moment you find yourself to be so excited that you can’t move* 

Luckily, sweet hubby was totally freaking out too so we just paddled around in the same boat that whole morning. Fortunately our community of Guinea moms are very informative when it comes to what they’ve experienced and what they know, so by this time the only questions we had left were basically just about him as a kid. So things we’ve learned about our 4 year old:

  1. He can eat with a spoon
  2. He does not like dogs or cats…
  3. He loves to play their version of soccer, which for the orphanage of little children is kicking some balls around on a fenced in porch. All he wanted to see was the ball we showed him early on. Probably too early, actually.
  4. He’s not so great with colors right now
  5. I already had a mom fail with asking him a trick question about said colors. oops

and our favorite… He giggles. A lot. And it’s amazing. I managed to balance out my fail with a win with some French. *victory lap*

And because I’ve started this expectation of adorable feet in every post, I must please the masses once again. My apologies in the quality as this is from a screen shot from our call- so it is what it is. Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.45.44 AM copyLet me just start explaining this snippet by telling you that our child is apparently a very comfortable chap. He is currently lounging is this chair like he’s the ruler of the porch. That is until the dog came over to check things out (the very old and slow and gentle dog that’s of moderate size- just to clarify). But there were no meltdowns so really all was well.

Process wise, shocker, more delays. In the meantime, we’ll chat with him online some more and wait for responses from grants. We did recently receive a matching grant, so if donating is your thing or you would like to gift funding in lieu of items, let us know and we can direct you to that (they provide receipts for tax deductions).

Until next time-


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