A Leap-Year Update


Last week, I mentioned that we were waiting for a court date. That was the next step after receiving our Article 5 document. Friday we got an email saying that our court process had already started. ALREADY STARTED! So while we won’t need to wait for a specific date, we still have several weeks for it to be completed. But it’s super nice to know that things are moving along in Guinea.

What is court, really?

Court is essentially just what you would think it to be, only in Guinea. Most (read 95%) of international adoption programs require the adopting parents to travel to appear in court in person. Guinea does not. Someone represents us before the judge with all of the documentation. This is fabulous because we don’t have to find the funding to travel twice and we don’t have to leave our little one behind in-between the trips. The flip side is that we have to wait to see him until we go to bring him home. For me, I think the leaving him behind would be too much, at least for this time in my life. I also know that if that were the requirements, you just find a way to deal.

The results of court are all of the official documents that make this whole thing legally complete. A form of a birth certificate is issued and all kinds of other papers and at the end of it, he’s ours. Because we still have to travel, the completion of court is not as exciting as if it were a domestic adoption, but it’s still amazingly wonderful. It’s hard to make it seem real when there’s no immediate changes on this side of the world.

And now for the long awaited “Feet of the Week”!

Super cute, right? I love that this awesome helper did a different color for each part. Can’t wait to snatch up that paper for our records 😉

While things in Guinea are gradually progressing, things here got real crazy. Like full blown multi-hour long shower crazy. A dear friend of my had been dying to throw a shower (for well over a year, literally) and if finally happened this weekend. It was amazing! She was amazing & all of our people were amazing! We don’t have the words to express how deeply touched we were by those who came or just sent love our way. Photos will definitely be posted next Monday- we were totally wiped out yesterday so no editing last night 😉 Biggest lessons from the day: our people really love to talk… like a lot, our house is kid-friendly (who knew?), our backyard is kid-loved (double win), and his room is a kid magnet (triple threat anyone?). I’m a winning mom before he’s even home, which is good, because I’ll likely start to lose before we make it back to Texas.

There were some who didn’t get to read all of the info signs that were out, so I decided to post them here incase there were others who would like to read them as well.

Again, thanks so much to all for following along and keeping up with us the last few years. While we can say it’s been fun, we can also say we’re ready to be done.

Until next week,


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  1. Congratulations! That’s pretty awesome you only have to make one trip – with Ethiopia it’s two and we are going crazy thinking about the cost of two trips!!! Very exciting to see wheels turning for y’all 🙂


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