The Little Paper That Could

It’s been quiet here at our house the last several weeks as we wait for a single paper to allow things to move forward. Last Wednesday, it was finally issued. And rather without any pomp & circumstance I might add, which is fine because it was emailed by people who use the internet. The wonderful and beautiful internet. This single document (that I can’t really explain what it is… ) will let us move on to the most important part of any adoption process.

This document will allow us to apply for court. We’re anticipating our court date to be about 6 weeks out. Realistically? Who knows. But passing court is the last step before his passport & travel. The financial end of things has us saving for bills while we’re gone and while we stay home when we return, as well as expenses while we’re there.

And now your way overdo “weekly” photo of some adorable feet.

10353473_674623695951269_6131134029224048778_o.jpgThey like sandals there. I’d imagine I’ll like my sandals when we’re there too, but unfortunately these cute little orange strappies have been outgrown by now. I wonder what he’s trying to reach?

The current focus project: OCD Packing 101. Trying to pack for two adults and a small child (with unknown sizes) for two weeks (in untraveled countries) is enough to keep anyone up at night. Pair that with a whooping dose of ‘checked luggage is likely to get lost or delayed when traveling to Africa, because Africa’, and you go from drowsy to insomniac. We’re minimalist packers, but at least one checked bag is a must for food. Also, what kind of mother (read: photographer) would I be if I only had a iPhone for the first family moments with our son? The worst.

We’ll also be on the hunt for some good clothes for the hubby to take since jeans are most definitely not ideal, despite what he says. (He’ll thank me later). If you have any suggestions for men’s lightweight pants, that’d be great!

If you find yourself with any questions about the process, etc. feel free to send them my way. Questions with real desire to understand are always welcome. Until next time!


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