The list checker who could check lists


Hi, I’m a type A list makin’ & checkin’ creative of the detailed persuasion, and THIS WEEK we got our immigration approval in the mail, applied for his visa, received my updated passport, and sewed a skirt for our trip. Check, check, and check.Luckily none of this took any leg work on our part since we both got sick. So far the biggest downside to marriage is that I always get sick from him. Can’t wait til there’s another little germ-magnet in the house…

A major win was an awesome red wagon and basic toys for the little guy, thanks to some amazingly cool little dudes that I happen to know. Not only did they get to learn all about paying it forward this week, but their mama gained some sanity in the storage department. We’ve had people begin asking about things like toys, so I thought I’d share some insight to all of that since our situation is a bit different.

We will not be introducing battery-operated toys initially. His current exposure to toys is not what we could consider typical for a 4yo. On top of all the other changes in his life, and ours as well, we will love and cherish any gifted toy equally. But if yours spins around while creating a light show, and could rival the Meyerson Symphony Orchestra with the songs of it’s people, we may just not love it til later on down the road. And that’s okay. We’re just all going to be in a place of low stimulation for a while.

10991345_10153011056540675_5400406934262771967_n copy

And your weekly dose of feet adorableness. Most of the images where you see his feet, he’s wearing these orange sandals… or barefoot, but he’s also always at home, so I’m totally down with no shoes in the house. He’s a bit more pint-sized here so no more ‘little chopper’ shirt for him, and I believe he had decided to sample the pink play-doh. You know, in case it tasted different from the green.


Not the most exciting things in the process this week, but important things to move forward none-the-less.

Until next week,



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