Bon Chance 2016

The new year brings a certain amount of reflection along with looking forward to the future. Everyone feels it regardless if the undertones are positive or negative. For us, 2015 felt like it brought a lot of change and new things, but when I really look at it, so much is the same. We are still waiting to bring home our first child. Daryn is still in school. I am still the title-holder for Master Multitasker of this house. We have the same jobs, have the same dreams, and enjoy the same things. But what did happen last year leads me to believe that it was a culmination of things preparing the way for 2016. A John to Jesus, if you will.

In January, we first saw our sweet boys face and learned of his name. It wasn’t until the last week of the year that we discovered we’ve been saying it a little wrong (thanks American accents).

In March, I was blessed enough to drive 8 hours solo for an Adoptive/Foster Mom weekend retreat. Blessing of the season I tell ya. I’ve had to be put on the waitlist both years because of a scheduling conflict becoming unconflicted. I just reserved my spot for this years event earlier today. I may or may not spend an unreasonable amount of time creating a playlist for the trip.

By the time November rolled around we were so discouraged with the Guinean government and waiting for the referral paperwork. When it came on December 2nd, I took it as an early birthday present and just went with it. While it didn’t contain much information, we did learn of his birthday (12/22) which is definitely not in November like we were expecting. Surprise!

We’ve gotten confirmation that he does, in fact, speak French. Though as a newly aged four-year-old, my listening skills are not up to par for his little person version of the language. The challenge will be catching Daryn up to just French 101. Even though things are similar to Spanish, pronunciation is very different. Now if all he needs to do is count to 10 and say hi, we’re gold.

Over the course of the whole year we were awarded 2 separate grants. The first finished the remainder of our agency fees and the latter will help tremendously with travel. We can now begin applying to the rest that require a referral.

Oh and I’ve been slowly chipping away at his room since April. Photos of the final product will be shared once I’m done with the bias tape for his bedspread. (Fair warning: I hate making bias tape, so it might not be till right before we leave) But the crafting and decorating has taken over my downtime (lol like I really have downtime) and spread into the rest of the house. So much is getting done you guys. It’s a list-checker’s dream.

All of these things lead up to the major changes that will be happening this year. So far, the paperwork timelines estimate we’ll be traveling early to mid Spring. Everyone wants to know what size he wears. All I can tell you is that he just turned 4. He’s got skinny legs, a smile for days, and I’d estimate he’s about 38″-40″ tall based on the wall tiles. So your guess is a good as mine. Actually, your guess is most definitely better than mine. We’re trying to obtain some useful information, but until then we’re buying big and adjustable. He’ll grow into it. And besides, it’s Texas so really he can wear shorts and a t-shirt all the way up until Thanksgiving so odds are he really will grow into whatever it is by then if it’s too big.

Daryn’s got another year of school behind him and we’re estimating one last year of school ahead of him. He’ll be trying to get as much knocked out before we bring home the munchkin, mostly because who wants to do school when you have an awesome new buddy to play with?

His job continues to be an amazing source of scheduling heaven. That is really joy enough for me so I’ll just stop there.

He also has his own goals for things like the yard and the garage, but I only want the other flower bed to be finished and the garage to be organized for when I have my own projects.

We had the first of hopefully many Date Days. We spent the whole day in Dallas doing touristy things, like eating at Smoke. Since we live here, we have no reason to not experience what out-of-towners do before we ever move away. Our next one may or may not be in Fort Worth, but it has a high chance of having breakfast at Smoke again. It’s definitely worth the drive, even if it’s rush hour. I promise.

Things we’re looking forward to based on 2015 events:

  • Bringing home our kid (also finishing his room before he lives in it)
  • Daryn finishing school
  • Using our new child as a reason to complete some projects around the house
  • More Date Days
  • Coping with our 10 yr High School Reunion this Spring… (that and working with students who say things like ‘bae’ make you feel old, like really really old)

    like a boss   #aviators 

While progress was made last year, this year is where all the changes happen. So to 2016 I say Bon Chance (good luck), because it’s going to get kinda crazy!



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