4 Steps to go

In the wonderful world of amusement parks, there’s a solid rule that can be applied to any roller coaster you may face. The bigger the incline, the more wild a ride. Well folks, this has been a very long 32 month incline and I hope you buckled your seat belt and put down that cheese dog because we’re in for a doozy.

One of the pieces of this puzzle that is known for being fickle is the application to USCIS (they do all the immigration stuff). It required another fingerprinting with really basic paperwork and a fat check- Thanks Uncle Sam. The difficulty there was that process tends to request extra information from families or just take longer than they’re supposed to. For us, we were processed within a month. Miracle I tell you!

We were able to complete our entire dossier in 3 months. I’m still waiting on my gold medal for government paperwork requisition.

So, after 7 months since the last update, and 8 months of waiting on our end for any actual news since that same dossier was submitted, we finally have our official referral.

referral: a legal document or packet that contains information on a child(or sibling group of children) being presented as an offered match for an applying family

While we have been given minimal information about our child to gauge our interest in the match the orphanage had selected, we now have full access to information should we need it. Or at least that’s the idea. We’ll definitely have all of that after we pass court. To curb a certain amount of “what’s next” questions, here’s the last few steps that we have.

  • Complete immigration application. Currently in the mail and will be submitted before Christmas.
  • Apply for visa with Senegal, because Guinea’s embassy can’t do this.
  • Receive a court date: ideally pass court quickly
  • Apply for passport.
  • Travel once the passport is in hand 🙂

Each step requires an approval document of some kind from the one before it, so there is still some more waiting to do, but not like we’ve been through so far.

In less important news, his room will be as complete as it can be before he comes home when I finish his bedspread and a side table. I believe we started working on it when we mailed the dossier packet in 8 months ago.

The end is near my friends. The end is near.




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