The Wait

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Quick update:

Our dossier has been in Guinea for several weeks now and it’s unclear as to if it’s being reviewed or not at this moment. Some political rioting at the capitol has kept government officials from going into work, which means papers are left untouched for stretches of time. It is what it is and we can only pray that things are resolved or more peacefully voiced so that they can return to business as usual.

As for our end of the wait, it’s definitely a strange thing to experience. If you dwell on any one emotion, one thought, one task, it becomes a bit too much to bear. There is a vast amount of excitement that is equally met with an indescribable angst. Every parent-to-be experiences the excitement. If they encounter any emotional pain, it’s from fear of being a good enough parent or any health issues that would be applicable to them, not Ebola half-way around the world.

Our little guy has seen about 5 kids leave the orphanage since he got there. Until this week. This week 3 precious children get to go home with their families. All at the same time. I can’t imagine the amazing and unique experience of sharing this portion of the journey with two other families. I’m overjoyed for them to be done with the wait and to start life with one more child, but the waiting momma in me looks to the little boy with those big brown eyes to see how he’s being affected. To see family after family come and leave with someone else. To not be able to fully understand where his friends are going. Or maybe he does. Maybe he knows that these couples are coming to take home a child forever, but no one has come for him. No one has played with him and left with him. No one has wrapped him in their arms and refused to let go. No one, yet.

So for us, we try to live like normal. Like there’s not a kid wondering what’s going to happen to him while paperwork is a constant hurdle. Like this is just a typical period where we prepare our home for a child. For Daryn, that looks like lots of school. For me that means a lot. Just a lot. A lot of sewing, crafting and room decorating. A lot of cleaning and re-organizing. A lot of picture editing. Pictures of clients. Pictures of us. Looking at pictures of him. And some days, if we’re being honest here, a lot of food- only I’m not eating for two so it’s not quite as socially acceptable. Oh well, they can deal. And we both have a lot of prayer.

This journey has already taught us so much and if nothing else, that there’s still so much to learn.

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