Update: Dossier Completed!

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At this point, adoption has infiltrated every last crevice of our lives. So much so, that people no longer ask us how we are doing when they see us, it’s “Hey You, how’s the adoption?” Which is fine. Really. But it opens a door that they probably didn’t mean to knock on in the first place, but before they know it all kinds of words and terms they’ve never heard of before are being thrown around, and I mean honestly, how often does the standard citizen communicate with the immigration office. One of those words, especially in the last few months, has been ‘dossier’.

Dossier: a group of papers that contain detailed information about someone or something

In this case, it’s a really BIG group of papers that contain more information than anyone would really want to know about another person. It also happens to be a very trying process to obtain each document and make sure it’s typed up or arranged ‘just so’. And no two are the same. Ever. Oh, and most of them have to be notarized. Where there is no notary. I digress.

But this mountain of paperwork has been conquered and mailed off to our agency. It’s also nearly done being translated into French so that the courts over in Guinea can actually read our file over some popcorn and soda- well maybe not ours because we’re not that interesting, but surely they must with some.

AND!!! A referral for a little guy is waiting for us just on the other side of them reviewing our dossier. But here’s the kicker. They won’t send it until an equally mountainous amount of fees have been paid. So we are aware of a sweet little thing who we have been assigned to but can’t do anything about it until the payment has been made. This is where the gospel really starts to hit home my friends. If there is any other way to bring this guy home we’d do it (any ethical way that is). We’d run a marathon, or give up possessions, or climb a literal mountain to pay what is owed to remove this child out of his current situation of sadness and solidarity and bring him into a place of love and security. But none of those ways will accomplish the task. For a family who would sacrifice all the time and effort that they have, funds are not something we have much of. In the parallel of adoption and the gospel, though we sit on the same side of the gap as Christ we cannot do it alone. We still need intercession on our behalf. Grants have been applied for and will continue to be applied for as we find new ones to file. Savings will still be put aside and random jobs will still be worked.

In the meantime, we can no longer move forward. It is expected that we will be bringing him home within 6 MONTHS of accepting his referral file if the funding is in place when needed. He’d be home for all of the important holidays like National Taco Day (October 4th for those who would like to add that to their calendars). If you’re in our ‘low funding’ boat with us, first of all- I’m sorry this boat is no fun, but don’t feel like you need to pull from your food budget to donate. Simply share our posts or fundraising page with others. Or offer to help with a fundraising event- they’re really more fun to work than you think, I promise.

Regardless of how you choose to respond to our journey, we whole-heartedly appreciate the interest that you have taken in just wanting to know more about our story and adoption by speaking with us or silently stalking the blog. Adoption may have hijacked our lives, but we are head-over-heels in love with it and couldn’t be happier that it did.

In case you were wondering, this is where you can go back to that link at the top of the page.

Over & Out


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