Update: Fingerprinting Take 3

Disclaimer: Though this is an exciting update, it’s not the exciting update we’re all waiting for.

One of the pieces of this puzzle that is known for being fickle is the application to USCIS (they do all the immigration stuff). It requires another fingerprinting (ugh) with really basic paperwork and a fat check- Thanks Uncle Sam. The difficulty is that this process tends to request extra information from families or just take longer than they’re supposed to. For us, we were processed within a month. Miracle I tell you!

The paperwork has now arrived at our agency and we are ready to accept a referral. Grant paperwork has been underway and let me tell you, I’m inclined to say that it’s worse than the forms for the actual adoption. So here we are- another step in a long journey. We’re so glad to have a vast amount of people in our corner and to be able to share the experience with. Until something else happens, my friends!



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