Change is in the Air


Okay, so it’s been ages since an actual adoption update. I know because my go to people for asking questions have stopped asking. There’s just nothing you can do while your country is trying to figure things out and has pushed pause. In the mean time, we had a lot of time to pray, to think, to pray some more, and just try to not be stressed over it until a conclusion could be made. Some direction has been determined in the midst of all that waiting and praying. Last Tuesday, Congo made the announcement that the families who met the deadline last September would receive the document needed to bring home their kids. 15 US families were included in that group. The remaining families in process will be subject to any new policies that will be instated regardless of their progress. It’s all in the best interest of the children, however the new policies are still unknown. All will be revealed in time.

As a family, we feel that we finally have some clarity in our direction and will update as more things are solidified. Thanks for being a part of our journey so far and we can’t wait as it’s guaranteed to get more exciting as it goes 🙂



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