Giving Back

Each process is different and I’m already convinced that everyone feels the same once their kid is home. We’re just starting, but I swear it has to be some convoluted combination of sheer joy and slight “need a vacation” from the emotional roller-coaster that was your life for way too long. We too are fundraising fools who run ourselves thin with all sorts of things to sell or save or whatever, so we  empathize with others about finances in these stages but can’t help in that aspect. In turn, I think there’s a much better solution. Or at least one that will work for us.

Check out this post from my business page. I know it won’t help get to the end, but it will help in the realization that the victory is really here. That all that paperwork and waiting is over. That you can start trying to live your new life. And that’s something I think is worth celebrating.


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