Craft Swap {Easter Garland}

After lots of careful thought and consideration, I have decided that I am way too crafty and know way to many crafty friends to not do some crafty fundraising. Other adoptive mom’s like Emmy have done these for themselves, though she continues to do it for other families, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re just plain fun. I’ll be joining in my second with her. The first swap I did was for Valentine’s Day where I definitely received more than just this awesome garland- I made fast friends with my swap buddy. She’s super cool and is just as sweet as southern pie- you can find her corner of the interwebs here.

For the Valentine’s Day swap we were supporting the Derby-Weller’s adoption journey and this is what I sent my buddy.

BeMineGarland-1 And this is what she sent me!

                                                                                                                              KolingaBanner-3   KolingaBanner-2


I absolutely LOVE that it is out-of-the-box thinking with her word choice and it’s entirely personalized to our adoption journey. (Kolinga=love in Lingala). Now it’s your turn!

So here we go with the first one 🙂 Just in time for Easter, we’ll be doing an Easter garland. We all have someplace for a cute garland, or at least you will when you find how much you love it! Easter is on April 20th this year. Registration for the swap ends on March 12th and you will receive your buddy on the 14th. Be sure to get you’re garland in the mail by April 1st. In case you’d like some help getting started, here’s a little pinspiration.

The Rules:

  1. Fill out an info form below (1 per person)
  2. $5 per person to the PayPal account to (
  3. Solemnly swear that you are up to…. oh wait, no. Swear that you will ship your garland to your buddy on time. We all get super excited when we know we have happy mail coming and the disappointment grows exponentially as each day goes by without it. No sad buddies please 🙂
  4. In good ol’ crafting style, please send only handmade items. We understand that we all cannot be proficient in both paper and fabric crafts, likewise in drawn or painted things, but we can be creative enough to send something that fits the craft and our abilities. Thoughtfulness goes a long way, my friend. And in the event that your little hands just won’t do what you want, feel free to find a fun yet handmade item from etsy or a local shop.
  5. Be sure to have fun. I always enjoy crafting things for others and I sure hope you enjoy the process as well.


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