Sanctity Of Human Life 2014

AbortThePlanThe 3rd Sunday of every January is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This year, that day is today. It’s a day to raise awareness that there are other options besides abortion. That every child deserves a life where they have the chance to live to the fullest. Pregnancy Centers located all over the nation provide counseling and other services to women who are looking for answers and options for the often unexpected change in life. While I am 1000%, from head to toe, pro-adoption, I am exponentially more pro-life. This is a First Family First type of opportunity to help potential moms-to-be with making the right choice for their child. The First Family First belief is that it is always in the best interest in the child to ideally be with their first family. While there are situations where this is not the case, it is the goal to help facilitate the changes necessary to make that happen. Places like these centers are there to let women know that there are people who are not only willing, but wanting to help them in the choice of being a great parent to their child. They help women understand that sometimes moms believe that they will not be the best option for their child, and that’s okay. It takes A LOT of courage to allow your child to be adopted in the hopes that they will have a better life than what could otherwise be provided. And there is no shame in that. (How many times do we hear that no parent, or person, is perfect? But that idea somehow falls to the side when we look at ourselves.) These centers can help women see that while it may not a good environment for a child now, they may still have the opportunity to be a part of their children’s lives later. That adoption opens doors of hope and love when abortion gives you no choices for tomorrow. Abortion leaves a gaping hole that is difficult to ignore.

While I can imagine that many women might seek counseling after deciding to allow their child to be adopted, how many more will admit to needing help after having an abortion. Abortions are final, and they affect you as such.

Help spread the word that there are other options for women. There are people here to help. This year let’s help women make the choice to abort the plan, not the baby.


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