Progress Update: 2014


Our home study will be completed this week (assuming that our FBI checks are done now as well). We’ve prepped a ginormous stack of applications to grants and one loan (cringe). All are waiting for this completed home study so we can check a little box for each one saying we’re good to go. The second big thing about completing our home study is that it will grant us access to our agency’s waiting child list. Our kids might be on that list. Or they may not. Regardless, at that point we’re considered to be fair game for child matching. Like I said before, we’re excited. Beyond excited. Like there’s not enough chocolate in the world excited. However, there’s a catch that I mentioned last month. If we don’t have the funding for our referral within the 2 weeks of receiving it, we loose it. It’s quite possibly the most opposite emotion to our previous excitement.

At the beginning of the year, I gave a fundraiser to my husband to run based around the OSU v. Missouri College Football Bowl Game. We had a game watching party and the idea was that people could pledge to donate the combined end game score (i.e. 21-10 scoring would equal 31 donation). I found the idea on another blog that I will have to track down again… but anyways, He did great. But it was one of the most unresponded to efforts we’ve made so far. Conversely, it faired better in outcome than most of what we’ve done. And in less than an hour we’ll have someone here to buy our couch and chair set. I’ve also begun to feel like I work in a sweat shop with all the scarf making I’ve been doing to complete orders. It’s been a productive year so far, but there’s still a long road ahead.

We’re about 1/5th of the way to our next goal to pay for a referral acceptance.

Happy New Year-



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