Fundraiser {Sculpted Wraps}


Here’s one of the fundraisers I’m super excited for (I’m super excited for all of them, but this is a specialty scarf which if you know me, can’t be any more me). So, for the second week in a row, I bring you a new and fun fundraiser but this one can currently be purchased through my etsy store which bares the same name as this blog. A Sparrow’s Worth.

Not that I’m terribly biased, but I absolutely love this scarf, in all of it’s fabulous color possibilities. It can be worn vintage or modern, or layered, or sporty, or… you get the point. You can use both toggle buttons or one. You can fold it or wear it high. There are no specific wholes for the toggle buttons so you can clasp it in any way you feel like for the day. You can wear it close to your face to stay warm and promptly undo the top part when you get inside without looking like your removing an entire layer of clothing in the winter (not to mention where you do put all that stuff while your there?).But most of all, I love that it doesn’t go over my head! This is just one of two styles that I have that clasp for this very reason. No girl ever puts on her scarf then does her hair and make up. Not one. If you do, you’re weird and you don’t live in the south where there’s humidity and heat in your bathroom before someone takes a shower. I can put on and take off this scarf without pulling it over my head like infinity scarves, and I don’t have to figure out how to knot it or loop this end through that hole like traditional scarves. AND, because it doesn’t have tails, you don’t have to magically find extra room in your coat for them to be tucked away.

WrapSculptedBlue1 copy

To be honest, this pattern created itself. I don’t usually go off of patterns exactly as I never bother to follow yarn weight or needle sizes so I just see what the stitches do with what I have and go from there. The first one started with some gray yarn that I just really liked but it was a lot lighter weight than what I had be using before, so I decided to make it a tight weave. My friend saw it when I was about 5 rows in and bought it before I even knew exactly what it would look like. That’s real faith right there, lol. When it was finished, she promptly order 2 more. (I think she liked it).

So now I have an example up for purchases to be made from. I have high hopes to eventually have some in stock and ready to be shipped, but for now they will be made to order. If you live nearby and would prefer to purchase outside of the etsy store, no problem. Just let me know 🙂

Happy Shopping,


P.S. Many thanks to my hubby who is always available for any last minute photo sessions and puts up with my endless (probably slightly confusing) directions as I’m not normally in front of the camera, and he is most definitely never behind it 🙂 You did great this time and no, you are not an artist.


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