Fundraiser {Cuffs}


Just in time for Christmas we’re rolling out our next fun little fundraiser in hopes to getting us through the next few steps of this process. Daryn and I have had our own versions of these bright cuffs for a while now and have even managed to sell a few from those who have seen us wearing them but we’ve finally worked out the kinks and have them ready for production.

Each cuff is made by us, is machine washable, and has a two-button latch. They are about 1.75″ wide and between 7″-8″ depending on your size. Please measure your wrist with either a string or a tailor’s measuring tape so we can make sure the one we send will fit right. Each cuff is $10. No shipping fee needed unless you’re ordering a lot, in which case we might be so excited and completely forget. The order form is located at the bottom of the page, and if you ordered a t-shirt, it’s very much so the same thing.  If you happen to have any questions, feel free to ask as we like to have answers around here 😉  Hopefully there will be an excited progress update after the first of the year, in the mean time have a Merry Christmas!CuffAd-2

Thanks for stopping by!

-Daryn & Sarah


Order Form


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