Progress: Something to be Thankful for

After months of waiting and more recently hmming and hawing over whether or not we should purchase insurance ourselves or wait to be able to get it through employment, we decided to purchase our own and last Saturday we had our Home Study… finally. If you’re a little confused about why we were waiting for insurance for our home study, it’s because Texas requires it for all home studies. Not our agency, the country or the US, but Texas. Super fun huh? So with only 72 hours to prepare our home for this home study (minus working hours, sleep hours optional), we rushed to make our home as presentable as possible and quickly became baby-proofing experts. Some things to note:

  1. Regardless of any company you’ve ever had come into your home before, you will never be so consumed with the need for perfection until you have sometime coming with the specific purpose to judge you, your spouse, and your home as being child-worthy.
  2. You will most definitely get interesting advice from other adoption parents who have already completed this part of the process. My personal favorite: “Relax and throw any undone dishes in the oven. They never look in there.” Thanks my friend. We didn’t need to do that… but there were a few miscellaneous items that may or may not have found their way into my washer and dryer 😉
  3. Portions of the interview will feel like Dr. Phil moments and you may become suspicious of hidden cameras brought in by your social worker. You will also feel extremely self-conscious of anything you say or any pauses that might be ‘too long’.
  4. After all that cleaning and baby-proofing, he didn’t even look in any of the closets or really make a point to note the outlet plugs.

All in all, we believe that it well, mainly because he told us so and that we shouldn’t worry unless things show up on our background checks. Speaking of which, we submitted for our background checks this morning as well as getting fingerprinted. Did you know they do that digitally now? It’s way cool and way less messy. Props to whoever thought of that.

More to come in the weeks to follow now that we can proceed. Once our Home Study is fully complete, we’ll be eligible to start applying for grants and aide, however with the current status of Congo many organizations are not awarding any funding to Congo families.  (Their version of immigration (DGM) will not be granting any exit letters for up to another 10 months while they review policies and try to make some changes. Exit letters are the last thing required in the process and allow you to bring home your child/children.) Please be in prayer for all the families in the process for how this affects them bringing home kids and those of us closer to the beginning and how this can possibly and most likely affect funding.

Thanks for all the support and prayers,

Daryn & Sarah


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