Updates in the DRC


Since several people have contacted me about the current issues going on right now in Congo, I thought I’d shed some light onto the situation. I am by no means claiming to be a valid source, but am merely helping in minimizing the rumors that have taken over the internet. So here are the things that I know to be true, and what I have concluded from it.

Fact: As with all adoptions, the families are taking on a certain amount of risk. There is more risk involved when it comes to international adoptions. The risk is that you may not ever bring that child home. The risk is that the country could close down international adoptions completely. The risk is that it all might be a sham. The risks are seemingly endless when you’re the prospective parent and it feels as though you have control over a measly 1% of what all is going on.

Fact: The DRC is new to international adoption in comparison to other countries being open for less than a decade. They’re process is always being altered in attempts to make it the safest for the children. This is good. The downside is that it slows things down at times without really showing when the issue might be resolved. This seems scary to parents and families because it’s an uncertainty. It’s another risk that we can’t see the other side of.

Each time the program slows down or temporarily stops, it’s been to fix a problem that has been brought to their attention. For example, the DRC currently does not accept applications from homosexuals. American couples of that lifestyle were applying as a single parent, making it through the process, and then both people were showing up to receive the child and it set off some alarms to the congolese people. While I’m not here to debate homosexuality, I will say that they were wrong in trying to cheat the system. There are other avenues of adoption that are open to them and if they felt that they had to falsely move through a system to in essence steal a child, then I’m questioning their ethics and ability to parent regardless of the gender of their partner. Now, I don’t personally know where that rule in Congo stems from, but they put it there, so it means something to them that aligned with what they considered to be the best interest of the child. Finding out that this was happening meant for some adjustments. And being that this is one of the poorest countries in the world, it’s not like they’re all running iOS7… more like #2 lead. (Honesty moment: This didn’t really enter my thought process until yesterday. Perspective is everything people.)

Could the DRC close international adoption? Yes. But they could have closed it yesterday, or 4 months ago. Have they invested into the program? Yes, a lot actually and they take this process very seriously. And yes, people will and already have started to look into other programs to possibly switch to each time one of these slow downs occur. And really in the end, God is ultimately in control. So please be in prayer for the DRC and the people who are overseeing these decisions as well as all of the families and the agencies involved. This is always a long road with lots of bumps in the way. We just have to remember that they’re just growing pains 🙂


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