Fundraiser {Shirts}

This past Sunday we were blessed to have a guest speaker give the morning sermon and though it wasn’t earth-shattering, it was energizing and couldn’t have come at a better time. One of the points was that when a person sets a goal, you suddenly become very aware of your personal goal being everywhere in the world around you. You decide you want to buy a new car and like magic, everyone has that same car, it’s everywhere. Same thing with adopting. Once you decide to adopt, it’s like the adoption families come out of the woodwork in droves! We could count on one hand the amount of families who have adopted at our church, now I’m pretty sure I could use at least one foot. They were always there, but adoption wasn’t on our mind then, so our brains didn’t register the facts.

But since we have become aware of all of these other adoptive families, both in person and through the internet, they all say that out of everything they did, they loved their shirts. It wasn’t ever the biggest fundraiser, but it’s one of the only ones that they can hang on to today. They ordered a shirt for their child to wear when they came home. The shirts brought the people who were wanting to be a part together in ways that garage sales or auctions couldn’t. So we decided that we wanted to share that experience as a part of our journey.

So for our shirts, we created two different designs!  Both words are in Lingala, a dialect native to Kinshasa, the capital of D.R. Congo. Kolinga= Love. Mbote=Hello. Two words that will be used a lot in our future and are rooted in the Congolese culture.  The cream shirt has a crew neck and while a soft material has more structure. The brown shirt has a v-neck and is a softer/vintage fabric, thought not shear. We’re told that they fit fairly true to size and neither of them are 100% cotton so the shrinkage should be minimal. They are $20 each with shipping starting at $5. Once your order is placed (form and info below), we will send you a confirmation email to verify that we have your order correct and payment information for Paypal if you wish to pay by card.

adoption asparrowsworth fundraiser tshirts DRC congo vneck

We will be placing orders periodically based on ordering minimums through our local retailer so we ask that you have a little bit of patience with us as there may be a waiting period before we can ship your t-shirts. If you would like to order more than the two shirts allotted on the form, you can add that information in the ‘Additional Information’ section at the bottom.  If you are local and would like to either pick-up your order or meet us for it, please indicate that in the location field instead of your address.

Thanks everyone! We’re super excited about this one and being able to share this part since most of the process is informational.

Until next time,



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