The Token Garage Sale


Ask any adoptive parent who had any type of fundraiser and they will tell you that they held at least one garage sale during their process. I can’t decide which fundraiser is more prominent, the garage sale or the t-shirt. Right now, I’m not a super huge fan of doing the shirt just because I’m sure all of the other families have tapped out that avenue for a while (though there are some really cute ones out there). So since we’ve been rearranging our house in preparation for all of this, the ‘get rid of’ pile got bigger faster than we had anticipated and we quickly came to the decision that the garage sale would be happing sooner rather than later. And lucky me, I ended up with the entire week open to finish getting everything organized.

So here we are! Our first adoption fundraising garage sale is this weekend- Friday and Saturday 7-1. There will be furniture, clothes, exercise equipment, toys, dishes, tv’s, etc. And for all you ladies who have researched garage sale planning, there will even be a guy table 🙂 Hope to see you there!



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