Etsy Shop {open for business}

My personal goal that I set for myself was for this shop to be open two weeks ago… I’m concerned this might be a new trend in my life. Or at least for this process from what I’ve heard about trying to adopt. The shop doesn’t have all that I wanted it to have when I opened it, but at least it’s open and I can check one thing off my list for now. I’m looking to get a few other things up by the end of the month but for tonight, I might get some sleep 🙂


So here is the link >>> Etsy. Feel free to share it, blog it, post it, pin it, tweet it, intsagram it, vine it! (I wonder what a video would be?) All the images have my little sparrow logo on them so feel free to go crazy. If you or someone you know has a request for something specific let me know and it might be something I can do- I’ll only say no if I literally can’t physically do what is wanted.


His eye is on the sparrow




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