Diet {Outlined}


So, we’re half-way through our work week and I felt that sharing the ADHD Diet sheet would be a good idea to try and get everyone through to Friday. Like I mentioned in this post, my husband is attention-challenged and we are dealing with that by controlling his diet. However…. the forgetful part of ADHD doesn’t help with the ability to remember the specifics about should be eaten versus what should probably not be eaten if they both seem healthy. And really, when it comes down to it, the whole thing is really more about having enough of something. For example, white bread isn’t really bad for him, but it doesn’t help the situation either. Because white bread is made with bleached white flour, the magnesium that is needed is essentially removed from the product. Well, that magnesium is super important. Therefore, the white bread isn’t really bad, but he needs to eat a certain amount of whole wheat products. -I know this can get super scientific, so to simplify it for him and other non-science people I made this.



The Good is everything that he should have most of the time. It’s not all inclusive by any means, but it helps when there are options. The Bad are things that he can have but should try to keep to a minimum. FYI, aspirin is on there because he deals with headaches and some ingredients in certain aspirins can actually cause headaches (anti-productive I know), so we try to only take it if we have to. The Ugly is obviously things he should stay away from hands down. I’m not claiming that this is the official diet to use for ADHD, I just know that from the research I’ve done this is what we should do. And it does help without having the possible problem of inconsistent medicating.

Side note: Candy is listed under The Bad and The Ugly. I did that because there are certain things like dark chocolate that are okay from time to time. Things like gummy bears and jelly beans are a no go. I added the tip section at the bottom are to help with narrowing down what the best choice might be for the moment.

I keep this sheet taped to the inside of our pantry door so that on those nights when he’s left to fend for himself for dinner, it’s right at eye-level… plus he always checks the pantry before the fridge 🙂 He also keeps a copy of this in his phone so that he can pull it up if he’s not at home.

I hope this helps with anyone else trying to adjust to life without medication for ADHD. If there are any questions about this, feel free to ask- just know I might not have an answer but I will try my best 🙂




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  1. JSolomon says:

    I think it’s great that you’re treating this with diet and lifestyle changes. I’m not anti-meds or anything, but I’ve always wondered how many cases, statistically, of ADD/ADHD truly need meds vs. some changes. I hope it works for you!


  2. toastqueen says:

    Thank you! Even though we’ve been told this over and over, this is a nice, concise reminder about what to eat and NOT eat! 🙂


  3. I think sharing this information online is very noble of you. I was diagnosed with an ADHD disorder at a very young age and I know from experience how bad it can truly be. The meds themselves may work in the short term but I know from my own studies any stimulant eventually either depletes a particular neurotransmitter or you gain a tolerance to it. It took me 27 years and many many herbs and nootropic drugs to realize in my case it actually was a DIET issue that causes inflammation in the brain, I however haven’t had a doctor tell me this so I guess I can’t claim it as a fact but when you know your body you know your body. I now know I can’t binge on sugars and simple carbs otherwise I go into something I have coined as looping, basically my short term memory becomes shot and their becomes certain times in the day where I’ll go to do something forget a step in the process start over and forget again (this sucks) I also seem to notice a debilitating anxiety that accompanies this particular phenomenon. I would actually love to jave a conversation with your husband if possible so I can better understand how ADHD works as he may help me realize some correlation.


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