‘Not Another Template’ Template


From making all the template sheets for my studio, I realized how helpful they were and decided that I needed to capitalize on this idea. I needed to get some areas pulled together that my husband is involved. He has ADD and we treat it with schedule and diet… I should say that we attempt to treat it. It’s a day by day thing for now, but it’s a lot better than any medications he’s had in the past, so I still say it’s a victory. But the biggest thing is that he forgets about what needs to be cleaned, what food is in the fridge, what he should and shouldn’t eat, and what is going on this week. Okay, I know that’s a lot. But he does remember to ask and he’s gotten to where he’s got his husband duties down (i.e. yard work, car upkeep, etc). It’s the “I don’t know what to eat and you’re not home for dinner so I’ll swing through the nearest junk food drive through”…. not so great for his diet or our budget.

So I set out on a mission to try and create a command station on our fridge (and in our pantry). I needed a month-to-month calendar so we can keep track of both of our schedules and any important deadlines or events that might be coming up. I also needed a house menu. A place where I can say what we’re having for dinner when we’re both home or what options there might be for easy fixes if it’s just one of us left to fend for ourselves (we don’t have kids yet, so it’s still a challenge cooking for two when it’s not always two…). Which brings me to his diet layout. He needed something that said (fairly specifically) what things he should eat, what he can have occasionally, and what he should just forget about ever eating again. He knows sweets aren’t good, but some aren’t as bad as others depending on the ingredients. So this sheet should help. And lastly, I needed a chore chart. Ugh. I hate that term but I haven’t found another name for it, so it is what it is. And to be honest, I’m a culprit just as much about not maintaining the house the way it should. So something had to be put in place that was tangible that we could both agree on.

AND I needed them to all go with how I want my kitchen to look. I say it that way because I have a vision. And what it is now is not a part of that vision. So one day, when everything is pulled together, my command center doesn’t need to be changed… it’s like shopping for when you lose those 5 lbs, only it works.


So to start off with these, I have the menu sheet.



The only downside to my design is that my husband doesn’t get his schedule for the next week until Sunday night… yes the night before the week starts. Terrible, I know. But, that means that we can’t really meal plan until that night which pushes my Sunday (at the top) to really be at the end… But for consistency I always start my weeks on Sunday. Plus, his schedule won’t be like that forever, so one day his schedule will fit my meal plan. A little backwards, I know, but I don’t care.

So I hope you’re all geared up to make your own templates to get your home a little more efficient, giving you more time to read that book you’ve been meaning to get to.




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