Monday Madness


So, it seems that I owe the cyber world an apology for not getting my Monday post out on time- So, today will have to posts to make up for it!


The would-be Monday topic is another template…. As well is Tuesday’s post. But hey, you have to have a template to do something with. I’ll have something this week about what I did with these awesome organizational worksheets. The first is to round off the studio portion of my recent work. I needed some sort of calendar that gave me the big picture without taking up space on my desk. I know what you’re all thinking- why do I need a calendar when we have technology (which I do love my Apple connectivity), but in the event that my tech gear goes down, I need to be able to still keep up. Dealing with deadlines and clients doesn’t allow me to just use an excuse like ‘my phone stopped syncing’ when I forgot I had somewhere to be. So here it is, my important deadline calendar!


My studio is pretty colorful, so I liked the yellow with this- the yellow and grey also coordinate with my business so I can use it in my office if I need to. I found a quote by Susie Bright that used the word ‘calendar’ so that I could label it without being elementary about it (“you have to calendar time in for yourself even if you have no idea what your going do to with it”). It’s also a nice reminder to take time out for myself. I know we all have trouble with that.

So thats the end (for now) of my templates to help my life in my studio space.




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