Friday’s Project!….

Super excited about this week’s $5 Finds for Fridays post! I’ve accumulated an abnormal amount of bottle corks from my bottle cutting endeavors and until recently they’ve just been taking up space in some mason jars on a shelf. (side note: all the bottles were acquired already empty from restaurants) And then… epiphany! Cork Trivets! I love industrial elements in design and so I ran over to the hardware store and picked up a couple of clamps (6″ worm drive clamps to be specific) for $4 and some change. So- I laid out my corks to see if I actually had enough to make two…

(see the new logo?! super excited!)

okay- and here’s a shot that shows the clamps a little better.

If you have a hard time finding these handy little guys, they’re in the aisle with flexible vent tubes and dryer clamps.

After peeling off the SKU stickers, I started arranging the corks in the clamp. I wasn’t too concerned with design, more or less just keeping up with the random theme since there are a lot of duplicates. Once it’s full and you’ve decided your done, you tighten the clamp around the middle of the corks with a flat-head screwdriver until all of the corks are stable. I ended up not having enough to make them the same size, so one is a little smaller.

And there you have it! I think they’re super fun. Tip: since not all of the corks are the same height, I had to adjust a little. After I found the right tension for the clamp, I loosened it just slightly, flipped the trivet top-side down and pushed all of the corks to the table. Then I tightened the clamp all the way again. This allows for the corks to roughly stay flat on the top. Since it’ll be used for flat items, no extra pressure will be exerted on the shorter corks pushing them back down. So it should stay this way for a good while. 

And, since drawer space is a hot commodity in my kitchen I decided to hang these on the wall!

So there ya have it bloggers! Another Friday, another budget friendly DIY!



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