Template Mania- Round #2!


Hey guys and gals-

Today I have the other half of my clipboard templates for my studio. To go along with organizational planning, this template is a layout for blog ideas. Right now I currently have 2 blogs (soon to be 3). A personal one (this one) and then two business blogs that correlate with the branches of my freelance photography. And in dealing with keeping all of those going, I need to keep a good idea when I have one. Thus the blog list.


I love it. For now, I’ll separately ideas between the two columns for which blog they are for. I don’t think I’ll need to divide the photo blog topics, they can just be lumped together as business. So this little guy will sit along side his friend from ‘Round #1’ on a coordinating clipboard. (still haven’t decided how I want the clipboards to be updated yet).

Until tomorrow, my friends!



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