Template Mania- Round #1


My studio space at home as been a disaster from day 1. There have been a few victories in the battle, but alas, I don’t feel like there’s ever been a true moment of success. In my random moments of spare time I like to peruse the web for neat ideas or just things that are graphically appealing that will later spark an idea for something – Earlier this week I stumbled upon a plethora of templates that got me thinkin’… “I’m a PhotoShop pro. I can make a template.” Thus the mania began. I’ll try to not have every post for the next 3 weeks be of templates, but they’ll be posted as I have time to make them.

This first one is for my studio. I recently got some new magazine holders for my shelving (my old ones didn’t fit binders), and I needed some things to go in them. So one of my holders will house all of my home improvement and decor craft ideas. Now I know what you must be thinking! “How is she to organize all of those ideas without any standardized templates?” Well my friends, here it is. My template for all Project Ideas!

Isn’t it fabulous!?

My studio is essential planned out to be white with pops of color- so slap these bad boys on a coordinating clipboard and it’ll fit right in.  (Coordinating clip board already filled out on an idea sheet and filed in appropriate binder- will be blogged on when I complete the project). I made sure that the type of space that the project is intended for is at the top right corner of the page so it’s easy to see when flipping through the binder. There’s a nice big space in the middle for sketching out the project along with dimensions and material notes. I have a spot in quotes for whatever the project is called and below that is more subject to change. The lined area is intended for material specifics (as in ‘6 ft of trim’ instead of just ‘trim’), the dollar signs is so that I can put either the budgeted amount is or the estimated amount. The block to the right is probably the most flexible, however it’s for some sort of date. The deadline date, the ‘how long this project will take’ date, or the completion date. I haven’t decided which I will use the most, but I think it’ll be determined by the type of project more than what I want.

So there it is internet folks. Template #1. I hope it inspires you to make your own template (or maybe all you got out of it was the epiphany to put binders in your unused magazine holder). Either way, enjoy!




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