$5 Finds for Fridays [wall art]

So this is more of an upcycle/recycle than refurbish, however, it was still less than $5 for the initial object and under $10 for the over all diy. So here we go!

Everyone ends up throwing away countless empty toilet paper rolls. And sometimes you find yourself with a large empty space on your wall- yet most wouldn’t think that the two could come together in a way that would be desirable. By cutting down the little tubes and gluing them together in a fairly artistic way, you create an organic wall piece. I decided to spend the $2 on black spray paint to fit my decor.  All in all, I’d say that I really only spent the $2 plus tax since I only had to be patient to accumulate the amount of tubes that I needed and I’ve always got Elmer’s stored away somewhere. Happy hunting fellow bargainers!


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  1. Summer says:

    Sarah, this is extremely cool! Did you just mount it with nails? How sturdy is it?


    1. Thanks Summer!

      I really needed it to cover a massive hook that is practically a permanent addition. So it’s hanging on that with a few strategically placed pushpins. If it’s being hung at a more eye-level spot on the wall, I would suggest small nails instead. Since it’s just cut toilet paper rolls and glue it doesn’t need much! On the structural soundness of the piece… it’s lacking more than what I would prefer. However, it did help that I painted it after I glued it together. (Spray paint has a tendency to pop off certain materials when glue is involved). Hope that helped!


  2. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.

    Thanks for supplying this information.


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