$5 Finds for Fridays! [desk chair]

So, my recent adventures through garage sales and thrift stores has scored me some awesome deals for about $5! And I’m so excited with the results of the remodels that I’ve been inspired to share the progress through $5 Finds for Fridays. I’ll post a new before and after every Friday to show how a little cash goes a long way.

I picked this chair up at a garage sale with a friend for $5. I’ve been in need for a desk chair for my studio- It just needed a little sass 🙂

And this is the final product! All in all the chair cost me less than $10! I bought 1/2 yd of fabric that was on sale ($1.50) and a test container of paint at the hardware store ($2.50). You could also buy a .99 bottle of acrylic paint but I knew I wouldn’t like the texture of that paint on this type of wood.  So there you go, the first edition of great finds!


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