Lady in Waiting

Being that this is the month known for Valentine’s Day and all that love is, the ALO bible studies have been geared

towards relationships in various ways. And all this talk of what God has for us whether we are in a relationship or not has brought us back to studying the women of the bible. (which is not such a new concept for a Christian sorority, let me tell you). Nonetheless, I have found some new angles, or I guess have gained a deeper understanding of certain angles, of these woman that I hope to pull into my own character.

All this ties into a sermon I heard this last week given by a dear friend. He spoke on how Peter gave 6 verses to wo

men on how they are to conduct themselves within the relationship and only 1 verse to me

n. Slightly unfair don’t you think? But he gave the argument that while it would be difficult for a Christian man to lead an un-Christian wife, would it not be more difficult for a Christian woman to submit and follow her un-Christian husband?

The roles of actual gender are irrelevant to me at this point and one would have to simply put themselves on both sides of the coin. I know it’s like dragging a mule (or sheep if you prefer the more biblical analogy), trying to get an unmatched partner (partner in any area of life) to follow you, even if you were deemed to be the team leader. Even if the mule/sheep knew that you were doing something good for it, it would resist out its own stubborn character. But on the flip side, if you new the right path, if you could guarantee a safe journey to water, but your leader doesn’t listen a

nd insists on going in the opposite direction because ‘they know best’- as bad as the first side of the coin is… I’d take that any day over this. And I say that because the leader is the one who takes the fall, who is to carry all the weight and burden of the end decision so they call the shots. Yes, the one following has a say, they get to share their concerns and experience and might even object a little at times, but even then, the leader must lead.

I see this example played out with so many women. Doing unimaginable things in my eyes. Posing as her husb

and’s sister instead of wife.  Wandering around aimlessly for years upon years. Going behind enemy lines for a whole people. So many great things were accomplished in the end because these women followed their leader. Granted some might have been easier from this point of view than others, but still. I’m a plan person. I need plans. What makes me different from most plan people is that I’m okay with changing the plan along the way, which generally means that I’m perfectly fine with a not-so-great plan- just as long as there is a plan to move forward. But a not-so-great plan is not t

he same as a plan that includes lying, especially to someone who might kill me if they find out that I lied- great idea Abraham. And I’m not sure that Moses really had much of a plan after a while- he should have known that without

a vision the people perish. I think Ester was brave being that her

leader was a little more abstract that what we think of in this situation. But in the end, I think I can relate the most to Ruth. Going into a new culture, accepting the unknown. She had a plan. Her plan was to stick with Naomi- and Naomi’s plan was to go back home. And even that plan evolved as time progressed, but still, there was always a plan to be developed.  So I guess this lady must learn to wait while the plan is being formed.


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