A lesson to learn?

I attended my sorority’s annual weekend retreat last week only to come home to a house with a water leak and about 1/3 of our remaining boxes drying out in various places. At that moment, I realized that there must be a lesson of some sort to learn from this. I mean, what other purpose does all this serve? So being that it’s now Friday and we’ve had our water back on for less than 24 hours, I feel that I can look back at this situation and attempt to give a good summation of what I was intended to get from this mess of a week.

Earlier this week, a friend, who’s like my little brother, forwards me a message from an old high school band mate of ours whom I can hardly remember. Her message is to the point, but it’s easy to see the emotion coming through. In the same night that her grandmother past, the house that she was living in with her brother and their friend caught fire while they were at the hospital. It started in the room her brother and her share and they lost everything. Including 3 of their 4 pets. So in the midst if my personal life catastrophe, I thought, I’m lucky the guys didn’t burn the house down while I was gone, even though I came home to a leak, I still had a home to leak and my stuff was still here and in tact.

In response to my lil bro’s message, I sent out my own to my LifeGroup (or sunday school  for those of you who roll old school) to see if they could contribute to helping these kids get back on their feet. I’m proud of my group for their response to my call- so much so that I will think of them the whole time that I am attempting to mail all this stuff to Lubbock.

In the end, I can’t say that I believe that I was taking my life situation for granted, but I’m not the one to ask. However, I do know that I appreciate what I have more than before and that I’m glad we decided to have a ‘donations bin’ in our garage.


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