Our ‘walk into the sunset’

to the getaway car

I always here the phrase ‘life has a funny way of working itself out’, or something that that extent… but really it’s that God has a funny way of rearranging our lives.

In the end, I absolutely adored our wedding, not to be boastful, but it was ideal- minus the lack of dancing- but at the time I’m not sure I had the energy for some twists, let alone any shouts. Everything went off without a hitch and my in-laws were behind the scenes, around the scenes, in the scenes working things out- heck, there were several times where for me, they were the scene- which made the day all the more enjoyable. Our good friend, Chase- who just so happens to be a missionary (ironic right?) performed the ceremony for us and had THE most beautiful ‘speech’ for the ceremony- I mean- talk about fitting into the ‘not expected’ category, this was far from traditional, but I couldn’t have picked one that better fit Daryn and I.

vintageOnly 2.5 weeks into marriage, I’ve got a new job, we’re looking forward to moving,  we might get a puppy, ALL of our bills are paid off ON-TIME… AND we have money in the bank to spare (and i’m not talking gas money either)… and our apartment is a complete disaster. It was clean, I promise. And I was finding places to put my clothes in the closet and the kitchen was all organized- then sometime last week after we had company things started to go down hill to where we are now… thus there won’t be any naps until something changes… I mean, who can nap in all that mess?!

Anywho- Life is good and I can’t wait for this Whittaker family to have it’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas… not to mention my birthday in there somewhere 😉


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