Funny thing about roller coasters…

Well- I’m still with my old job… but Daryn now has a new one. Which is great! And even better that he actually enjoys working again. We also had our engagement pictures taken this weekend! Which was amazing! Andyes, I know you’re supposed to do that around the time you get engaged, but really now, who checks those things. So this would be the upside of the roller coaster I call life…

The down side began Monday morning when my jaw dislocated again. As if I didn’t need to be at work making money any more than normal, this happens at work, so I go to get Daryn. Long story short, and on our 2nd doctor and 2nd bill (though no ambulance or ER’s this time), I’ve been knocked out again and my jaw is back in place. On top of that- we have no insurance. So. Thus begins the plummeting feeling that hits you right as you look over the edge of the hill and you just know that this one is gonna be the one that might put you over the edge.

In an attempt to level out this nauseating feeling, we’re selling things on eBay (nothing we didn’t need to get rid of already mind you, we haven’t become overly desperate), Daryn’s looking to pick up a second job and I have started a business. Kinda. Well, it’s a work in progress. I’m selling scarves. I know it’s limited, but I’m hoping to expand into hats, which wouldn’t be hard, and then later mittens/gloves, though I’ve never done those before… we’ll see how those go. I’m already working on a website. I have models and ‘sales people’ in place. Now I just need to actually make my first full batch to offer or show as samples. So here we go…

Oh- I’ll add the web page to here when it’s done.


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