New job…

So I’m currently in the process of trying to find a new job. And guess what else… so is Daryn. And we’re only 71 days from the big day. Then 2 months after that we get to move, into a house, an apartment, a townhome… something, but we’re moving. Did I mention that we’re both going to school this semester? Oh joy. Nothing like multiple major life changes all at once. So somewhere, deep within my inner core, I have to find where God hid that thing called perseverance. Ok, so maybe God didn’t hide- maybe I lost it, though I’m not quite sure when that happened.

To be honest, a big part of me is looking forward to the next 4 months, however crazy they may be. I like conquering a challenge. And yes, I will conquer this. I say that not to be boastful, but because I know that God has given us ‘time’.  Think about it.  None of these things that is currently causing my jaw to ache will be the death of me. In time, these things will pass. So, in a sense, God has guarenteed our survival… but it’s up to us if we’re dragged through time, or we manage to manuever through it, or on a rare occasion we find ourselves running. My Christian life has taught me that it’s merely a choice- as if God were saying, “here’s the situation, how would you like to go through it today?” Only by following His word can we move through time via any other means but on our face. And the more you look to Him and have faith, the easier it will be, and then suddenly you’ll notice that you’re practically gliding through something that once seemed impossible.

I don’t know, maybe that doesn’t make much sence to you, or you can’t related… but it works for me, and it motivates me to be more obedient to my God.


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