Opportunity for Peace

Love and Faith
Love and Faith

Yesterday started the 100 day count down to the Big Day. So, in 99 days I will become Mrs. Whittaker (I can’t help but think ‘teacher’ when I hear that name. Maybe it’ll eventually mean ‘architect’ too). It seems almost surreal to think that it’s actually happening. Almost. But in all this wedding hub-bub, school prep, and gas-guzzling thing I call life, I find that I have peace. Yes, things are stressful and I haven’t quite managed to see the brightly gleaming light at the end of the tunnel that I know is there just yet, but at the end of the day I can’t help but smile. God has blessed me with an amazing life. I’m getting married! God guided me to an amazing boy who I had the opportunity to grow up with, to learn with, to love. After accepting his offer of salvation I would have to say that taking that opportunity would have to be the best choice I ever made. AND (uh! I love that there’s an ‘and’) his family is amazing. I knew, years ago, that if Daryn and I, for some reason, didn’t work, that I would still keep in touch with his family. They have become my family, and I am overwhelmingly grateful for all that they have done. 

A while back, a dear friend of mine shared a philosophy of theirs withme. They feel that all God ever does withhis children is offer them opportunities, thus in being a child of God you have an unimaginable amount of potential. If you pray for patience or wisdom, He’s not going to just bestow it upon you. He’s going to give you an opportunity to become more patient, to expound upon what wisdom you have, if any (let’s face it, only a percentage of people truly have knowledge and a minute amount of them actually have wisdom, so don’t feel offended- I’m probably right there with ya ;). But this opportunity thing doesn’t just apply to qualites. Over time and alotof thought and study and observation, I’ve come to agree with my friend and to see that when one takes the opportunities that God has given them, they are able to be at peace in God’s Will. 

My most recent mini-revelation deals with looking back on how I got to my “soon-to-be-Whittaker” state. This whole opportunity thing starts withprayer, a desire to be within God’s Will and heart, however, at the time I met Daryn I wasn’t saved. I didn’t even go to church- so clearly I wasn’t the one praying that God would lead and guide me to the man of my dreams. And at that particular time, Daryn wasn’t really all that spiritual. He was dealing with alotof internal warfare about how a kid his age should act, what to do with all these “do I have what it takes?” dilemas. About what to do withthe impending doom that was sure to follow if he dared to venture into the realm of girls. Of dealing withhis older brother (whom we both love dearly) who, frankly, did a number on his self-esteem. So being in 7thgrade, neither of us were actually doing what was best for us, praying. After some deduction, I can only conclude that this had to come from his mother, maybe with some help from our youth pastor, lol. But, anywho, God didn’t answer those prayers for Daryn’s future with me sitting on his doorstep one day, He gave us the opportunity of a lifetime- though disguised as a pre-high school crush. That same relationship is still an opportunity. It can end at any moment, up until November 1st around 2. At that point it becomes a promise, a commitment, a vow. Many say it’s a contract, but I disagree. It’s more than that. A contract doesn’t have every part of your being involved, your heart isn’t all wrapped up in it. If a contract is broken, you lose money, maybe a friend. If a vow is broken, there’s so much more at stake. So Thank You God for giving me this opportunity to follow Your plan. Thank You for giving me peace in it.


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