La Vie en Rose… peut-être

Life, so I have found, is an interesting thing. I know this may come to no surprise to you but nonetheless it always amazes me. It is what you make of it- completely! Or so you would think. One day you’ll be chuggin’ along in your routine and suddenly, as so it seems, God puts this quite awkward thing in the middle of your path. The option to ignore it is not there, you can’t stop living- and there are no visible choices of going around it. You must go through it. This is where faith steps in for me. Most of the time I like all of my ‘i’s to be dotted and my ‘t’s crossed, so when left standing in front of something completely unknown I feel like I should be checking my shoelaces, making sure I’m dressed properly, do I have extra batteries? I want to be prepared for anything. Now, I’m not sure as to how God looks at all my little habits and precautionary standards- I would like to think that He finds it humoring, I sure do sometimes. But in the end, the best thing that I can do to be ready is to study the Word, pray, and have faith. The last being the most important for me- Have you ever noticed how when you go for the things that are the hardest for you, I mean fall into it totally dependant on God, you always get a better result?

 So in the lives that we lead, despite all the ‘How to better yourself’ books and talk show series, the best thing to do is to just take a deep breathe and step out on faith


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