The Reality. The Turn. The Walk

I wasn’t always a child of God
O the filth of the places I’ve often trod
I thought I was an individual blade of grass
springing up from the scattered seed.
Then suddenly things stopped adding up and
quickly became a “don’t tell even if they ask” kind of policy.
It felt as though I was all alone on a stage
and no one would applaud
When all along I was in a cookie-cutter people group
growing up out of the sod.
Until one day I was invited to church by a lowly friend
I could have never imagined the hurt and the pain that would extend
from my heart to my soul and would later overflow
to the reality that what I loved in life was a sin.
I began to see all the wrong I had done
And that God had sent His only begotten son
To die for all my transgressions and iniquities
My eyes had been opened, a tear rolled down my face
Softly, in the distance, a knock rapped upon the last soft place
of my heart and I knew that I was on the edge
The time had come to bid farewell to a life I once made a pledge.
As I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior
Joy overwhelmed my thoughts to think that later
I would hear the sweet heavenly sound of the symphony
Declaring the majesty of God our Father.
‘Tis such a sweet, sweet sound to hear that it is finished
To know that nothing could ever make His Grace diminished
For I could never be worthy
But still, on that day, He heard me!
So now as I constantly read and pray,
I try to walk with Christ each and every day
And share the word with those who haven’t heard
of the Amazing Saving Grace of the Lord.
But Oh! the things that I have come to find.
Some of which just blow my mind-
Like that only this world is bound by time
Or that the Holy Trinity is three in one
While talking with Himself, He’s also the Son.
What about when God took out Adam’s rib
To make Eve, so thankful He did!
And though many will get into an altercation
over the prophecying book of Revelations.
When is it that we will fly and ascend,
beginning, middle or end of the Tribulation?
There’s no way to know so don’t hate
It really doesn’t matter
If you know without a doubt
where you will be in relation to the pearly gates,
In or Out?
But Christians I must warn you!
That one day you’ll be walking tall,
Completely without a clue
that you’re about to fall.
Pride does seem to get the best of us these days
Especially when people get in our way…
Maybe you should check yourself
Before you put that Bible back on the shelf.
For keeping ourselves within reality
is a tricky thing you see,
And we are only human and we do make mistakes
but luckily for us we can pull through by faith.
So if you came just to enjoy the show
I hope that your mind has been challenged to grow
and to know that Jesus Christ is the key
by grace through faith are we saved,
Glory Be!

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